Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Today's post is dedicated to newbie gardeners, messy gardeners, gardeners with low self-esteem, and those who are ready to see my garden in the raw. I'm showing you the ugly brown truth of my garden. Normally, I look for the aesthetically-pleasing parts, and frame them nicely, but I realize that there are those out there who must think that everyone else has a perfect garden.

For the most part, my garden looks like someone set off a bomb in the middle. There isn't much color right now. Most of my palms came out of the freezes quite fine, but I may have lost my pygmy date palm. We were smart to protect the birds-of-paradise.

There are piles of vines everywhere. The brown stuff in the foreground (above) is what's left of my coral vine that covered much of my front porch. It isn't showing any signs of waking up yet.

The back property is a work-in-progress. Yes, that's poison ivy climbing up the pine tree. We've slowly been cleaning up this area, but it will never be completely cultivated and will always provide shelter for wildlife. We plan to plant more trees.

I have lots of garden trash bags everywhere. I try to recycle what I can, but there is just too much to deal with.

So, now you know the ugly truth. I could show more, but it's much the same--mostly brown with a few spots of color. 

Today was washday for my garden gloves.


Bernie said...

Loved your post ... I can totally relate! I'm sure most of us have spots in our gardens that are far less than the ideal picture postcard state ... and it's lovely to see someone share the spots that are not so great. I've done the same thing in the past ... as you say, so newbies and those of us who've been gardening for a while don't feel like we've not quite hit the mark as a gardener!

Amy said...

I have ugly, brown truth in my garden, too. You're right it is good to show both...because no one has the perfect garden. I did take photos of the brown truth the other day. Not too pretty, but realistic.
We are really starting to warm up here in the 80's. So, things are changing quickly from brown to green. Enjoyed your post and I need to wash my gloves, too.

Floridagirl said...

Well, it is certainly great to see your garden in the raw (though I won't be reciprocating!). I'm not a newbie gardener, but I am a messy gardener and this year's winter has left me with very low self-esteem. And oh, I do frame my photos very carefully right now. And sometimes in summer as well to hide the weeds. I've spent spring break this week working like mad to clean up the weeds, tons of moss, and damaged plants. Next comes the pollen-darkened pool and lanai. Ugh! Things will get better and we'll love our gardens again come June.

mya said...

Deborah, you are one funny lady. I enjoyed browsing around your sites. The pictures of your house after Ivan were dramatic. I may have over looked it, but I wonder if you are building on the same site. There are a dozen things I could ask you about, but will not take up your time - just hope that you are well settled in your house now.
I borrowed your frog picture - too cute. I hope it is okay; I want to post him on my blog, probably next week.
I came across your site through Vesty's View.

Ami said...

Deborah: You are right, I am one of them who like to pose my plants for pictures time! LOL. I think this winter has left lots of brown marks in everybody's garden, needless to say for a garden as big as yours. It will look green and colorful soon!

debsgarden said...

Yes, the camera does lie. It's easy to angle the camera to miss the ugly storm shelter in my yard (a relic from the 1950s), or the weeds covering a hillside. All gardens have rough spots. I was at Birmingham Botanical Garden recently, and it was liberating to see they also have some weeds and dead plants. And they have full time staff and volunteers to keep things perfect. Even with that, perfect isn't possible. Nature rules.

Shyrlene said...

Deborah - I love this post! (Ofcourse you have seen the VERY 'ugly' truth in my yard, on my blog); I just saw the link to your home renovation blog ... that's on my Tour D'France next!

Deborah said...

LOL! I'm pleased to see there are many more of us out there. Bernie, I decided to address this because I'd stumbled upon a sad blog entry out there of a woman who was ready to pack it all in over the infamous "Ugly Garden" posting. I got the feeling she felt the rest of us have these pristine show-gardens.

You're right, Amy, everything grows so fast in these warmer climates, I'll wonder what the fuss was all about in a few weeks. I had to wash my gloves--I've been playing in the poison ivy again.

FG, if anyone gives you lip about your "messy" garden, just tell 'em, "My garden, my rules!"

Mya, we did indeed build on the same site--but ten feet higher. It was tricky, because it involved three oak trees we refused to cut down.

Deb, I'm not only a clever photographer, but a Photoshop guru too. I have the power not only to splice two plants into the same photo (no, I haven't done that here), but I could add Elvis, any president, and the Bat Boy Found in Cave.

Ye, Shyrlene, you did reveal some of yours too. I wish bunnies were my only concern. I'm dealing with rats.

Vetsy said...

Deborah..I'm loving this post because I'm a Newbie and sometimes I get a little intimidated by all the other blogger's beautiful gardens.

I love being able to relate, I felt lonely for a minute but now I'm in good company with you and all the others who commented on this post..Yay!!

My you and family have a Wonderful Easter!