Saturday, April 03, 2010

My Big Fat Greek Salad Garden

I don't normally grow veggies--mostly flowers and herbs, but I got this idea in my head that I should get a big container and grow myself some vegetables so I can make myself Greek salads. So, I've just filled it with a tomato plant, a green pepper, cucumbers, red onions, and (of course) some Greek oregano. Opa!

Hmm. I wonder what other meal-in-a-pot I could grow?

I just love the way some colors go together. The lavender-colored bacopa, the violet allysums, and the brilliant cobalt blue of the lithodora topped off with a crimson red calibrachoas make a delicious combination. This will look good when it all fills in. 


Ami said...

That veggie pot sounds very delicious. The flower container is realy colorful! I need to include that cobalt blue into my blue/purple collection :)

Darla said...

Love growing salads....your combo flower container is beautiful..

Deborah said...

That particular cobalt plant (Grace Ward Lithodora) has been showing up at Lowe's (of all places). I snatched it up, and hoped it could take our hot summers. It reminds me of trailing lobelia (which cannot handle our long hot summers)

Yes, I could get hooked on this salad-growing thing.

Zoë said...

First of all I found your blog and it's wonderful! It's great to find someone who gardens in my general area!

Next, I'm in LOVE with your salad garden (and the pot it's in). I'm trying my hand at veggies but an entire salad in one place sounds so much cuter!

Deborah said...

Thanks. I'm veggie-challenged when it comes to gardening, but I thought I could handle a container of them.

Meems said...

Hi Deborah,
A good idea to grow what you like to eat~~ you are going to enjoy picking your own salad makings and eating fresh... love your pretty flower combination, too.

Chandramouli S said...

Greek salad! Yummy yumm! That planter looks colorful and what a variegated range of colors!!! Looks great!