Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Birds and the Bees

I took a leisurely walk with my camera today to see what inspired me. We have lots of blackbirds around our property. I am no bird expert. It's a bird and it's black.

I think this one is a mockingbird. I could be wrong, but it looks like a mockingbird to me.

I wandered over to the false rosemary area to see what the bees were up to. These bees are farther from our house, and don't know me, so they shy away from me. I'll have to hang around the rosemary so they'll get used to me.

This gorgeous little thing was hard to photograph. It's a tiny green bee with a metallic sheen.

A turtle was enjoying the creek at high tide. It doesn't go with the bird and bee theme, but I just wanted to add this picture.


Ami said...

good capture of the bee and the false rosemary. Love that turtle. My kids have a box turtle as pet :)

Darla said...

Critters are getting busy!!

Floridagirl said...

What we would do without the birds and the bees...and the turtles? I think your green bee is the sweat bee, a garden visitor that I love to see. I have a photo of one on my sidebar. They are so beautiful, almost unearthly.

Vetsy said...

aawww"..I think they are all the cutest things! what sweet little photos..I like it.