Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Creatures in My Garden

We have a tidal creek that winds through our property. When the tide is high, small fish like to swim around.
I have no idea what kind of fish they are, but they have these beautiful iridescent tails.
We have all kinds of snakes. This is a water snake, which apparently is not venomous. We have the "bad" snakes on our property too, but we leave them alone, and they leave us alone.
This tree frog is enjoying a little shelter from the sun.
A dragonfly is resting in my bamboo.


Ami said...

Your fish picture is amazing. With a creek on your property must add lots of interesting things. The dragonfly on the bamboo is a bery good capture too! I will be freaked out if I see a snake in my garden. Not yet :)

Andrea said...

A creek in the property is a very good resource, especially like yours where you still have lots of biodiversity. Endless possibilities can be made there, even young kids can make it an outside laboratory for ecology, environment, plant scince, etc, etc. Oh i love areas like that.

Darla said...

Good grief....snakes I cannot stomach. Love the rest of the critters though.

Janet said...

I am very impressed with the photo of the fish, being on a tidal creek myself getting a picture like that is difficult. We had a snake or two slither into the riprap while I was walking in the back part of the yard....didn't really get a good look. I hope mine was a water snake as well.
Cute little frog.

Rainforest Gardener said...

The fish look like mosquito fish... I think. Of course I love the photo of the treefrog!

jenana said...

Your fish almost look like wild betta (siamese fighting fish). They're gorgeous!

Penelope said...

These are some amazing photos...I'm almost jealous but that coexisting with snakes thing keeps me from it!

Deborah said...

Thanks, everyone. I do love the variety of life that depends on my creek--even the snakes. I understand that lots of people have phobias about snakes, but I don't mind them and give them their respectful distance. The good news is that even venomous snakes would rather run than fight.

Yes, those fish are difficult to photograph. The water tends to be a bit murky at high tide, and these guys don't sit still for very long. The other critters, some different fish and a crab were not as cooperative.

I'm thinking perhaps they are mosquito fish, although I wish they'd do a better job keeping the mosquito population down. They do look a little like bettas, but they all get along too well for that.