Saturday, April 17, 2010

She-Bee, Moss Garden, and Strawberry Begonias

My she-bee is still hanging around the garden. She staggered out of a flower bed that I was watering. I'm guessing she didnt' like that. She wandered around my garden a bit and rested on a live oak leaf in my "lawn". (There's some sparse St. Augustine grass growing where we walk.) I don't really understand her behavior. I still haven't seen her fly. She was kind enough to pose for me for a while. Actually, I think she was taking a nap. I was worried someone might step on her.
I'm able to uncover my moss garden now that the live oak above it has re-grown its leaves again. It has filled in quite well. All my moss patches have anchored themselves down and spread. It's now this beautiful green carpet. Weeding it is interesting--definitely not for the impatient. It requires a zen-like attitude to pluck out tiny seedlings one at a time. Moss is so nice to touch, though, that it gives me an excuse to linger for a while.
All my strawberry begonias (Saxifraga) are blooming. I once read in a gardening book that strawberry begonias produce small insignificant flowers.


Amy said...

Hi, Deborah ~ I like your moss garden and also your paths!
I agree, I don't think the blooms of your strawberry begonias are insignificant at all. I think the bee likes to hang around your garden...why fly??

keewee said...

The strawberry begonia flowers are gorgeous. I am starting in on creating a moss garden, it all takes time.

Isadora said...

Your moss garden is progressing nicely! Beautiful! A friend gave me a 5 gal bucket full of moss last week, and I have it all planted along the woods paths. Now if I ccould just keep the robins from tossing it everywhere and stealing it for their nests! I love your strawberry begonias too! Mine are not blooming yet.

Meems said...

I bought some moss for the very first time as few weeks back and just got it started in the ground. Somehow I am a little leary about how well it will do here. I missed your post (if you had one) on how you started it and what kind you planted???

No begonia bloom is insignificant... they are all so unique and intriguing.

Ami said...

Love your strawberry begonia flower, AND the foliages too! Recently I got alittle obsessed with begonias. I think I will start collecting different kinds of begonias. Where did u get yours?

Deborah said...

Yes, Amy. My she-bee may be so happy in my garden she doesn't need to fly away. We built those paths from free bricks.

Keewee, moss gardens are fun to grow. I'm surprised how quickly mine became established. Lucky you, Isadora to have someone give you a big bucket of moss. Can you believe people spend money to kill it?

Meems, I collected my moss locally. The bulk of it came from my parents' yard where it grows like crazy. It's amazing where you find moss growing when you start to look at it. I've been leery of the purchased moss, as I always wondered if moss is regional. I'll have to do a post on how I got started.

Ami, technically strawberry begonias aren't begonias at all, but they seem to have similar needs. I got mine at my local nursery, but have seen them in the big box stores--usually with the houseplants. They are called saxifraga.

Strawberry begonia flowers are tiny, but I love tiny delicate flowers.

debsgarden said...

I love the pot in your moss garden! As you know, I'm a little fond of moss myself. I love its velvet texture and fresh color. I hope your little she bee isn't sick or injured! But maybe your garden has everything she needs, and so she doesn't fly away. The flower of the strawberry begonia is exquisite — whoever said it was insignificant did not have insight to interpret what the eyes saw.

catmint said...

some people just don't get the difference between delicate and insignificant! cheers, catmint