Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hands Across the Sand

As the oil spill nears our beautiful white sands, I'd like to send out a plea to all of you. There is a movement that is being organized to gather people on beaches everywhere to join hands and show support for protecting our coastlines. The website of the organizers is at Please visit the site and check your area to see where people are gathering in your area and join in this event. Even if you live in a land-locked state or outside the US, you might find a gathering to show support.

While we can't undo what has already occurred, lets all make sure this doesn't happen again.
"Hands Across the Sand is a movement made of people of all walks of life and crosses political affiliations. This movement is not about politics; it is about protection of our coastal economies, oceans, marine wildlife, fishing industry and coastal military missions. Let us share our knowledge, energies and passion for protecting all of the above from the devastating effects of oil drilling."

Monday, June 07, 2010

Water Water Everywhere...

I've been a little slow in posting recently, but not slow in working on the garden. It's been hot and humid, and I've just had to dive in, pull weeds, and tame vines.

The talk around here is all about the big oil spill. Tar balls have finally appeared on our beaches, and the smell is bad when the wind blows in from the southwest.

We live a mere block from the sea, but we are not directly on the Gulf of Mexico, but on a sound that has two narrow passes. As long as they can keep the oil out of those two passes, our waters will be safe.
We have a creek that winds through our property that originates from an underwater spring a few blocks inland from us. Our little peninsula is full of creeks like ours.
The creek widens as it moves towards the sea. The above photo shows the widest part of it, which is at the edge of our property. Our little creek is tidal, which means whatever is in the sea can be pushed up our little creek. Right now it's teaming with life.
The above picture is the canal they built across the street from us. The creek runs under the street, and into the canal, which empties into the sea.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks and months is hard to say. I do know that Mother Earth is a tough old lady who has endured much worse. Life prevails, and even wounds from disasters--natural or manmade--eventually heal.