Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shoots, Buds and Bright Yellows

We've passed our frost date, and more plants are waking up in my garden. This is my oakleaf hydrangea.

My moso bamboo has put out shoots. We planted it three years ago. It has had its time to sleep and creep, so now it's time to leap. I'm not worried about the weeds. My golden bamboo is good at keeping weeds out of its area. We have both clumping and running bamboos on our property.

We don't have forsythias here, but we do have Carolina jasmine. They put out bright yellow flowers on long vines this time of year. They don't have any fragrance--I'm not even sure if they are related to the fragrant jasmine--but the color makes up for it.

Meanwhile, I am out there in the garden trimming, planting, and pulling weeds.


The Rainforest Gardener said...

Bamboo shoots always look so neat! I love watching them shoot up like rockets out of the ground.

Deborah said...

Absolutely. Bamboo is such incredible stuff.

debsgarden said...

The Carolina jasmine is truly beautiful! Isn't it great to be full swing into gardening season? Our last frost date is April 15, but i still have plenty to do, and lots of plants are waking up. Happy spring!

Amy said...

Oakleaf hydrangrea is one of my favorites! I just need to get one and try it in my garden. Does yours get a lot of shade? I don't have much shade to offer. I might be able to find a little..

Deborah said...

Yes, it's interesting that one zone away can move a frost date back a whole month.

My Oakleaf does get lots of shade. Hydrangeas prefer rich acid soils and plenty of water. I think if it had that it could tolerate some sun. I tend to build structures (or my husband does) when I need more shade.