Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've Got the Blues

I can't stop myself from buying blue flowering plants for my garden. I also can't resist purple and lavender colors. I found this little plant with its vivid cobalt blue flowers today. It's called Lithodora, but I don't know much else about it. Described as a trailing perennial, it's supposed to be fairly drought-tolerant and tough. I don't yet know how it endures the Florida sunshine and endless hot summers, but I'll soon find out.

I found a "chocolate" ajuga recently that also has vivid blue flowers.

 I love salvias. My favorite is Indigo Spires. My salvias all went dormant for the winter, and are just starting to green up again, but I couldn't resist the one below at the garden store. Anything for a bit of color this time of year.

I also couldn't resist a purple calibrachoa. I'm not really sure how to pronounce the name, but it's also known as trailing petunia or million bells.

My violets are doing well this year. They are popping up everywhere.

Later in the season I look forward to blue daze, cornflowers, and heavenly blue morning glories.

Of course I do get a year-round view of blue just by looking out my kitchen window.


Ami said...

I love blue as well! Your blues in your garden are very pretty. I have blue salvia that have been blooming the whole winter, very impressive! I also have blue daze in my container, and blue porterweed.

NellJean said...

I rooted some Pineapple
Sage to trade with someone for Indigo Spires. That is soo pretty!

I even let blue wildings grow: bluets, bluebells, blue curls, Venus' looking glass, that tiny weed that looks like mini veronica, spiderwort. If it's blue it stays. All others need not apply.

Deborah said...

I forgot about my bluebells, which haven't bloomed yet. We also have plenty of spiderworts that grow wild here.

Amy said...

You posted some of my favorites! I love indigo spires. I just planted violets. Blue does add a lot to a garden! I love your blue bottles...very cool!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Such wonderful blue blooms;-) I'm a blue person, too. It is amazing how many lovely blue's are out there if you want to keep adding more. I am also a blue bottle person, although I just have a few small ones inside the house...and maybe a big one or 2;-) It must be gorgeous when the sun shines through your kitchen window!

Vetsy said...

The Blue hues of all your flowers are soooooo..prettty! I like the salvia's too" I love to plant Victoria sage in my gardens..

I have found that it hangs around in the late summer to give me a lovely splash of deep blue when the other plants are dying out.