Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shady Dealings

The weather has warmed up and everything is waking up, including the weeds. I've been working on the back garden. The back garden is mostly shady, but this time of year the sun shines in from the south and the trees haven't filled in. The oak that is meant to give shade to the area below is still bare from its spring shedding.

Gardeners are always coming up with clever ways to protect plants. I just moved this shrimp plant from a shadier area, but I don't think it wants too much sun. Later in the season it will receive more shade, but for now I need to protect it. So, I made a mini-fence from bamboo and window screen fabric. I have lots of bamboo on my property. 

The screen diffuses the sunlight a bit, but allows rain and sprinkler water to reach the plant. Below I bent some longer pieces of bamboo over and laid the material over the top of some ferns. 

The banks of my creek used to be thick with ferns, but they were wiped out in a hurricane. Netted chain ferns are native to this area, but impossible to find in nurseries, so I've been digging them up from other places. Southern shield ferns are also native to this area, but easier to find in stores. Eventually, the trees above will provide more shade and the ferns will fill in  this area (by the creek).

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