Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rolling in Moss

There hasn't been much I've been able to do in the garden these past few months, so it seemed a good time to create a moss garden. It's an on-going project that only started in December, and it's free. It's amazing what you can find in your own neighborhood when you start looking. I can't believe the variety of mosses, just within walking distance from my house.

The site for my moss garden is under a small oak tree in an area of my garden that nothing else has done well in because the soil is dense and it holds water when it rains.

I keep a small plastic bag with me on my walks, and sometimes carry a small spoon to scoop it up. I can't believe I've found so much of it in just a few short months.

I've had a lifelong fascination with mosses. I love their color and softness, and I love the miniature world they live in.


debsgarden said...

I love the way moss looks and feels. It adds such a peaceful and romantic feel to a garden.

Deborah said...


Susan said...

Moss is a really cool plant. I've never thought about digging it up and transplanting it...great idea! I guess I'm going for a walk.