Saturday, October 14, 2006

The weather has turned delicously cool recently. It's so nice to have the windows open again. With the worst of the hot weather over, things that would not bloom all summer are finally showing their flowers again.

My Blue Sky Vine, which looked terrible all summer long has finally popped out some flowers. The neighbors get the best view of these, as they are twenty feet high, and I only get to see them from the back. Even my morning glories have started blooming--I thought they were dead.

Hopefully, I can start on the back garden soon. Right now it's ov
ergrown and jungle-like. With most of the shade gone, it's been hot as blazes out there, and the mosquitoes are everywhere. I swear, when the mosquito truck comes around we wind up with more. I'm starting to believe he's spraying out mosquitoes, instead of pesticide. My winter project will be clearing out the back yard. The bamboos are all doing well, and there are lots of good things that have survived. Mexican Petunias have taken over quite a bit of it. There are several vines that need to be dealt with--jasmine, carolina jasmine, wisteria, clerodendron, and pandora vine. I guess we will be building new trellises this winter.

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