Friday, October 06, 2006

We have the most amazing dragonflies around here. This guy was kind enough to stop and pose for me so I could take some pictures. My digital camera was worth the massive investment. It not only takes great pictures, but I never run out of film. Wish I could get a shot of the baby racoons I've been feeding, but I don't think they'd like the flash.

Cannas are those wonderful bullet-proof plants that survive our long hot summers here. It turns out they also survive hurricanes quite well. The canna shown here is one of my favo
rites--it almost looks like a bird-of-paradise.

Turk's caps are also pretty resilient and saltwater tolerant. It's interesting which plants can survive disasters. I have gingers and various vin
es that made it. It's sad, though, there are no more azaleas in our neigbhorhood. Mine were over six feet high. I'm not sure I can bring myself to planting new ones. Maybe I'll change my mind in the spring when they set them out at the garden centers again.

It's October, and it's still hot-hot-hot. They are predicting a wet winter due to El Nino. Someone also told the we are due a cold winter, but right now I have a hard time believing that. Wintertime here is when I get down to some serious weeding and clean-up.

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