Friday, April 20, 2012

The Demise of Deborah's Garden

Probably most of you have moved on and forgotten about me. I know it's been that long. I not only abandoned my garden blog, but I abandoned my poor garden. Here is why:

Last spring, everything was humming along as usual, except that there was no rain. That was okay, though, we'd installed a sprinkler system to take care of these things. With no rain in this part of the country, it just gets hotter and hotter, and soon we were into an early heat-wave. Then the pump to our well broke. While I've spent years building up the organic topsoil in my garden, what lies beneath is pure sand. So, with the heat rising and the sun beating down on my garden, it started to wilt. We were frantically running around with hoses trying to get as much as we could with city water, but my garden was never designed for that, and the hoses barely reached. The hydrangeas were the first to go. Then one-by-one everything else started wilting. By the time we replaced the pump it was too late for my garden. I lost a lot and it was still only spring. The heat and drought were just getting started. So, I threw up my hands and gave up. It was too hot for weeding an such anyhow.

Then during the summer our creek went weird. It stank. It smelled like raw sewage--like an old-fashioned outhouse. The stench was so strong it burned our nasal passages. We had all kinds of environmental people over. We are downstream from a sewage plant, but they weren't owning up to anything.

It was gross. The water was milky-looking and bubbly. I retreated permanently upstairs. They sorted it out eventually, but between the oil spill of 2010, the drought, the neighbors who had a junkyard business, and finally the creek being polluted, we've decided to move on. Away from Florida, away from the heat. So, when we have our new home, I will have a new garden. I'll pop in a few observations from time to time, but I really just don't go downstairs and garden anymore.

Meanwhile, I've been upstairs at my computer making pretty things. Do check out my new blog, Deborah's Art.


Elephant's Eye said...

Oh, how bloody awful for you!! I hope you will bob up again soon, with a new and welcoming garden.

Dawn said...

I sympathize with you. We had no rain in South East FL either. A week away on vacation and everything was dead. Between that, the leak in our kitchen, my ongoing internet problems, and the rodent problem I threw in the towel too. Good luck with your garden though.

Bernie H said...

That's sad news Deborah. I know a bit about drought and dry years. It's tough going and very hard to keep heart when your garden dies off around you. Here's hoping you find your new home soon and find that gardening heart once more.

Deborah said...

Hey thanks, guys! You can't keep a gardener down for long, so you know I'll have to find a place to dig my fingers soon.