Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Work Ahead

My garden is mostly on a quarter acre that is the original property that our old (pre-hurricane) house was on. The other three-quarters is an on-going project.

We purchased the three lots next door some years back to prevent the trees being cut down and a house being built too close to ours. The property was a mess when we bought it, and aggressive vines were choking the trees out. It's back-breaking work (only done in the cooler months), but we've been attacking the vines ever since.

Our work was stopped for a few years when our home was destroyed by a hurricane, and we were focused on re-building. The vines, however, never stopped. The wild grapevines are the most destructive, but the potato vines don't go dormant during the winter. We get out there whenever we can and keep working at it. It's our intent that one day, it will be a beautiful natural wooded area.


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

It's interesting to hear about what are problematic plants for you, as they're not hardy or aren't a problem here. On the other hand, I still have two foot tall snowdrifts in some parts of the yard, and lots of winter left to come. I think I'd welcome some weeding right about now. :-) Good luck with all the work, and take time to have fun, too.

ericat said...

Hi from South Africa.
Those photos are like a story book illustration - on second thought I think I will rust living there in a wet climate - but it is lovely photos. I see jodi's comment about snow, I am sitting here with the fan blowing full speed on my face and it is still hot. It sure is wonderful to be able to experience the world on the www.
Thank you for fav-ing my blog. I am neglecting my duties to visit blogs but I appreciate your visit and enjoyed to return it.